Joan Maillard, team leader at the Dental Care, Rødovre Municipality

Thank you for a wonderful day which made us all sit up ;o)

You see, everything is new to me in relation to the team leader role and knowledge about my colleagues, but I definitely sense a new unity among the team leaders. In the team, a number of the changes we had decided upon have just been carried through.

The dental care has been supplied with a number of strong team leaders who are very determined and know what they stand for.

I personally have learned at lot about myself and my colleagues (MBTI) and feel more confident in my own way of handling feedback, communication etc.

I have just started as a team leader and now feel more prepared for this.

Thank you, Lene, for a very instructive course and a good education!

Cathrine B. Anton, team leader at at the Dental Care, Rødovre Municipality

As a leader, I have gained the following insights:
I have realised which conflicts I face and how I am supposed to deal with
them, as well as how my job as a leader affects my personal life. I now know my role in relation to the top management, as to which frames I work under and how the distribution of responsibility between myself and my management should be.

The company has got

A leader who thinks innovation into everyday life.
A leader who is taken seriously and has an impact.
A leader who has got a solid foundation.
A team of team leaders who stick together now and trust one another.

I have gained the following personal insights?
It has been put into words to me and I have gained an understanding of who I really am. The MBTI test had the effect on me that I am more sure about who I really am deep inside.

My personal objectives have been intensified and adjusted.
an understanding of how my personal motives and values are affecting/influencing my behaviour, my decision processes and leadership style.

I have achieved better communication skills – so it should be more likely that the message I wish to send is also the message which is received!
I have been rooted under pressure: I try to stick to my ground values – also when they are challenged.

Trine Glendrup, team leader at the Dental Care, Rødovre Municipality

The company has got a leader who stops up more often and a leader who dares to delegate to other people without looking into the details!

I have become more calm ;o) On the other hand, I have opted out for tasks which I think could be handled by other people…! I have announced that other people must undertake tasks!

Marianne Schelle, team leader at Citizen’s Services, Frederikssund Municipality

Lene has a great knowledge of MBTI, and she is extremely good at communicating this knowledge.

She knows how to ask the hard questions in a proper way. She stands out from the majority by making all the participants see the good sides and strengths of all the types, and by being absolutely sharp in relation to the fact that all types are equal and equally valuable. I have gained a great knowledge about types and about the strengths of my types that I can benefit from. It, all of a sudden, it gets too difficult for a participant, Lene immediately sees this and helps the participant get back on his or her feet again.

Lene is most professional, she is extremely well prepared for the courses and is happy to give personal feedback. It has been a great pleasure and a good challenge to attend one of Lene’s courses.

Bent Laub Faaborg, leader of Hillerød Lilleskole

MBTI is an extremely good method of visualising the potentials of the staff room. We have realised that we must be somewhat more clear, unambiguous and distinct in our communication with the parents connected to the school.

MBTI helps us focusing on the areas we have to pay attention to and work with.

It has been fun, educational and exciting to be instructed by Lene. She is not afraid of using herself and her own personal profile in order to take the heat out of the whole process.

Hanne M. Svane, Educational Leader, Hvidovre Hospital

Lene is a skilled instructor with a great knowledge about the topics of the leadership course and she is very good at involving all the participants in the training. I have benefited a lot from participating in her course.

Through MBTI, I have got a bigger self-awareness in connection with my own strengths and weaknesses and I see my employees and collaborators in a different and more balanced light.

I will warmly recommend the course to others who wish to have a new angle on self-awareness, cooperation and possibilities of development.

Bjørn Navrocki and Christian Rathsach, managing directors in Plusgruppen A/S

“MBTI is an excellent tool. It is easy to handle and offers a very good analysis of differences and similarities, strengths and development potential.

We now use MBTI for strengthening the daily cooperation in our company. We now have a greater understanding and acceptance of each other’s acting patterns and strengths, and the planning and distribution of the work can follow much quicker. The distribution of tasks is more targeted at our personal profile and our time is used more efficiently.”